In this in-depth study, we evaluate the depth and breadth of analytics providers in India. We are often asked about the health of overall analytics industry in India. A true leading indicator of the growth prospects of an industry is the number of companies in that field. A decreasing number of companies indicate consolidation in the market, whereas an increasing number of companies and startups indicate that the field would bloom in the upcoming years.

There are more than 2,500 companies (of all sizes) in India providing analytics services. The number has grown significantly from last year. These also include peripheral services like training and recruitment. Given this volume, it’s obvious that analytics is buzzing with passionate pandemonium. With this study, we aim to bring some meaning to the chaos and clear the fog around the analytics companies scene in the Indian economy.

A thorough research was conducted by Analytics India Magazine in collaboration with one of the leading analytics training providers in India – Jigsaw Academy.


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